” ‘Haven’t you heard? It’s a battle of words.’ The poster bearer cried.
‘Listen son.’ Said the man with the gun. ‘There’s room inside for you.
‘ ”
-’Us&Them’/Pink Floyd

The original plan for Rise Above Haters was to produce a quarterly publication. The idea was to produce something that was the definitive line of the difference between a book and a magazine. So on February 14, 2006 – Oliver Fader founded RAH Publications Inc. The only problem aside from having no experience in any layout, journalism, photography, or the publications business whatsoever was that the staff consisted of only two people. RAH was attempting to be a two-man cartel.

Hey, How’s the magazine going?” people ask. “When are you guys gonna put out the next issue?” Sorry but that issue is never going to come out. Rise Above Haters is the cornerstone of RAH Publications and has not died. Without the funds and primarily a staff there is no way that the desired quality can be maintained with the time to compile, produce, promote and distribute our vision of a quarterly publication. RAH Publications has fled from the magazine industry and is now concentrating all efforts on publishing books. In publishing books the desired standard of quality is maintained. It is not our intention to be in a business where we scramble for content that we don’t care about (or have nothing to do with) only to meet the deadlines for the pages which are paying for/destroying the quality of this compilation of half useful or interesting garbage called a magazine. There is a lot of money in the magazine business but RAH Publications was started as a project to spotlight artists and creative individuals whom we respect and believe need to be exposed to the public further or for the first time at all. We want to present the artist the best way we can – in a publication to be kept and looked at for years. Instead of advertisements interrupting the flow of the publication as a whole it is replaced with more content and works from the featured artists. We want to make books – something sacred that is worth saving for years on a shelf instead of collecting in a basket next to the toilet or in some waiting room.


WARNING! There are only so many copies left – we are on our final boxes of Issue One. Once they are gone they are as gone as the art on the walls of the Duboce tunnels included in the issue. So bother your hipster art gallery/store and/or where people buy skateboards cool clothes and over priced sneakers and tell them “we need that dope.” They’ll be like “we don’t sell that kinda stuff man.” Then you say while looking around the room “I can see that – you all need to order a brick of that Rise Above Haters:Issue One and then you will.” They might think you are crazy but at least they will get you your copy and we can be stocked in stores and others can get hooked on further product!!!! Thank you in advance.


YES! We are currently in the works on another publication – our first book. Any useful information such as release dates, content, or even the name has not been released. Trust me we are like the Bush regime just getting ready in silence for when the Clinton administration gets out of the way to bring some real heat for that ass! (If we offended you…get a sense of humor) If you would like to be informed when any of this information is released sign up on our email list or check back with the site. In the meantime enjoy all of the interviews and other content sporadically uploaded on the site for now.