For a little under the last month Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco has closed up its cocoon to make the metamorphosis from a shanty with torn ceiling panels to a legitimate white-walled gallery with high ceilings and track lights to bring some shine out onto its ghetto surroundings of the Tenderloin District. RAH staff photographer/Co-Owner of Ever Gold Gallery was not around so I asked Co-Owner Alex the German a few questions while taking some flicks. Head out there tonight for a celebration of the new space!eg3.jpg


So let us in on what you guys have been up to for the last month?

Renovations. Painting, ceilings, spackle.

How long was it that this went from an idea to the actual banging of hammers?

345 Days.

How do you feel it compares to how the space was previously?

Now Victoria Beckham can come by without having to feel dirty.eg4.jpg

That’s cool – Who the fuck is she?

[Laughs] Becks Wife man - common!!! Not Beck – Beckham’s wife.

Sorry I’m retarded – I come from America.

That’s OK.

So how long did it take you guys and how much more is left before you are ready to roll?

Um… Three more hours. Then we are supposed to be ready to roll.


Aren’t you supposed to be having a party tonight?

This was like a last minute flight from Copacabana to New York or something.

So I came all the way down here to interview Andrew – where the fuck is he?

Good question.

Alright – well things are looking good around here. Anything else you want people to know?

Well, like Courtney Love once said so famously: ‘Peace, Love and Empathy’. 

That was actually her reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

[Getting uptight] Well I guess she stole it then from him.eg1.jpg