Tyson Vogel Interview

We catch up with our old friend Tyson Vogel, drummer of Two Gallants, and talk about the upcoming show headlining at the Fillmore on December 26th as well as his new side project, People People.

tvogel_full.jpgSo you got the Fillmore show coming up on the 26th…what’s the most significant thing about playing at that spot having grown up going to shows there.
Well I think…I was talking with Adam about this the other day….it’s just a very pregnant space to be in when all of a sudden you’ve grown into something that you never anticipated. Especially being here in San Francisco and playing the Fillmore…growing up seeing so many bands play there and really important moments in my nurturing into adulthood because it was the next level.

Exposure to the underbelly of Rock n’ Roll.
Right but also in a different way because it’s not the street scene or the mission music. It’s a whole other level. There’s a sort of mystique- a myth around it.

Yeah the greats have played there since the 60’s
Yeah it’s pretty incredible…I just feel honored to…that’s why it’s significant…just to be there…and do that

Have you played there before?
No they actually had sort of a vendetta against us…2G’s for a little while…but things change. We Played Bimbos twice which was-

You sold out both shows?
Both shows…twice

Two thousand and six?
Yeah…and we were going to do it at the Fillmore but it was so much better to do it there. I feel like it’s a nice progression to play at Bimbos first and then the Fillmore.

Bimbos is a swanky spot.
It is a swanky spot. Did I ever tell you that story about when I went peeking around the club by my self? Have you been up in the cubbyhole where you walk up the ladder and you go into this little room, it’s all wood and it looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 50’s there’s like pin up girls on the walls..?

Oh the bar backs and dishwashers changing room…with the bed…hooked up with a waitress up there.
[High fives…followed by laughter…]
That’s awesome.

Is the Fillmore show going to sell out?
It’s getting close dude.

Have you been practicing a lot?
Well Adam and I have been doing our own things a little bit…and we got together the other day and practiced for the first time in a few months, it was really powerful…Stepping away from something is so important; you can get so focused on your art form or anything that you’re doing that you lose your perspective but also the fertility…you forget that your just naturally…there’s a vicinity to just being spontaneous to things. Once you start to get so methodical it takes that out of it…internally you start to feel that way, and the most important thing with anything that you put your heart into is you need that anonymous ingredient of whatever that magic is…that thing that keeps you alive.

Lets talk about People People a little bit. You’ve been around for about a year?
About a year on and off. Antonio and I have known each other for a long time. He and I have always gotten together and just played because he’s a drummer also, so just for kicks when I get back from tour with Adam we get together and just get weird. Our first show was a year ago and we’re taking it slowly…it’s like a jazz band…It’s kind of all over the place. It’s really fun to be able to do it. And I felt really weird when we first started playing shows because I felt I was cheating on Adam.

Does he feel that way when he plays by himself?
Maybe… [Laughter] But the difference is that…what’s so great about People People is that we all kinda treat it like a jazz band, you know Andrew’s from Trainwreck Riders and that’s his main focus. Antonio has his main focus…so it’s kinda like we get together and hash out new ideas because we all have such different perspectives on music. So it’s kinda like that, it’s not so serious, it’s like an existing collaboration. If we put out a record it would be more like “here is a moment in time.” Maybe we’ll never do it again but maybe the next thing will be soft jazz. We’re playing a show in Sebastopol on January 2nd.

So do you find that because you do the booking for People People now, with Two Gallants you aren’t involved in the management aspect as much anymore?
Yeah well Adam and I equally make the decisions to do something or not to do it, but it’s not us that actually go out and do it.

Right that’s what I’m saying, you got people to handle all the bullshit for you. Do you find that it’s fun in a way, having to start from the bottom again?
To be honest I feel much more natural in that atmosphere. I mean it’s wonderful and amazing that Two Gallants has taken this form that has brought people in that want to help us out. But then it’s really nice to be with People and do all the booking and most of the time it just comes to us though different ways, but I feel more natural- it’s straight up. Just play music. We don’t really care about getting paid or anything like that. And there’s not a lot of hoopla…the music is the most important thing anyways, that’s why Adam and I toured so much for so long. Just to be able to play music every day.

What’s going on with Two Gallants next year?
It’s kind of like a hibernation time. We’ve just been going so intensely for about five years. I think we’ve played almost over 2000 shows in the last four through five years. And all of a sudden- it was last September we looked around and were like “wow”…it’s a good time to be at home and kind of nurture us and stuff. Our lives in so many ways are put on hold for the process of playing music. I think it’s our time to be home and focus on things in almost every sense. We will focus again for a while and then at the same time he will probably play by himself sometimes and I will be doing People. It’s just the kinda general nurturing of our art form as individuals and as a band. I don’t think we’re going to be doing very much touring, but who knows. That’s what we said in January and we toured through September.

Are you guys working on some new stuff?
Nothing to be spoken of right now. Just working on kinda the same thing- just in the past three years we barely ever practiced in the sense of nothing as a goal, just music in the moment as the goal. That’s why this last practice was so good. Even though we have the Fillmore we got together and just fuckin’ rocked out!

Two Gallants is:
Tyson Vogel and Adam Stephans

People People is:
Tyson Vogel, Antonio Romanalcala, Andrew Kerwin, and Jesse Sabin