Sunday, July 11th, 2010

To all of those who still pay attention to this site - first off THANK YOU! Something has come up with the RAH brothers and needs to be brought public. The recent death of Photographer - Jim Marshall - was a huge hit to the both Drew and myself. First and foremost we are HUGE fans of his work and admire his images as photographers and normal beings. It was also a loss as we had the fortune of linking up with him a few years ago and pieced together an interview that WE would one day present to him to show our respect and admiration for his one of a kind approach and style in the medium of photography. Well that ‘unpublished’ interview has now been published. As I was browsing through the newest issue of the SFAQ newspaper (which Drew is a co-owner and operator) I noticed a very familiar set of questions and answers. I denied this harsh reality more and more with each word thinking “there is no F*CKING way that Drew would do this. This is my brother!” Well….He did. It is sad that I have to make this public (on an ever SO popular site) but the man lacks so much respect on this issue ( and I guess with yours truly in general) that he will not even return a phone call - let alone answer the calls (he forwards them with no dignity). Not much to draw out - Two people came together to create something and the other ran off with it. NO this is not the end of RAH - I sincerely hope it is not - it is just too bad cause the track that got stolen was the new single and it was chopped up and in MY eyes completely squandered. I, Oliver Fader have not and will no stop any of the current developments and projects because someone on the team turned green. Hopefully this confused individual will be a man and make a call - if he wishes to move on (as he sincerely has been doing an AMAZING job with his current endeavors) and leave RAH behind it will be very tragic in my eyes. RAH is and never was ‘mine’ I am just the one with the lantern. Thanks to all that still keep RAH in mind and we hope that something that surpasses our previous project is delivered to you. Blessed




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